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Hotel Garza & Garza Theatre

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Hotel Garza


    Hotel Garza is one of the most unique and adorable Hotels in Post Texas. As soon as you walk into Hotel Garza you will experience an old fashion country western feeling. Hotel Garza is located down main street just across the street from the Garza theater. The couple running Hotel Garza is Jim, and Janice Plummer. They have been working here, and making sure the place looks nice for many years, and have done a very good job. Hotel Garza is very big on the outside although it only has 11 bedrooms. When you wake up on Saturday or Sunday morning at hotel Garza you can smell what a great breakfast is prepared for you just down stairs where you enter the hotel. Outside of the hotel is a very nice looking patio with very beautiful flowers, it is such a great place to relax after a long, tiring trip. Another great thing about hotel Garza is it offers gift cards, that way if you enjoy your stay so much you want to let a friend know how it would feels to stay there you can purchase one of these starting at $50. So if you are planning to take a trip any day soon, make sure you stop in post and experience what a good nights sleep you will have a Hotel Garza.


 Hotel Garza stands as a reminder of the earlier days in the city of Post Texas. As two early pioneers Jefferson Hume, and his

Garza Theatre


    The Garza Theatre is one of the first buildings in Post, Texas. It was first started in 1916 as a movie theater. It was closed in 1955 and renovated in 1985. The first play that was put on in the theater was in December of 1986. The Garza Theater puts on good family entertainment. People go there to have fun, meet new people, and to watch good plays. There is several people that go to see the plays. The most important thing about the theater is that it attracts people to our town. One of the saddest moments of the Garza Theater was when the man that renovated the theater died. He was loved by many people and inspired many young people to act. The thing that most preserves this building is when people are in it and are having fun. When the Garza Theater dies, if it dies, a little bit of life will die with it. The Garza Theater has let actors and actresses express there feelings and talents. The Garza Theater contributes to our county by bringing in business to our town. The tourists visit the shops, eat at the restaurants, and stay in our hotels. Also it shows tourists how great the city of Post, Texas is. All of this is important to our future.

Introduction to Interview

    I have conducted an interview with Ms. Matsler that works in the office for the Garza Theater. You can contact the office of the Garza Theater at this number- (806) 495-4005 for more information. The following information is the interview that has been done.


1. What do you think makes people want to come to Post to the Garza Theater? We have good family plays .

2. Do you think that the Garza Theater will last for many more years?  Yes because it is a fun loving place to be.

3. What exactly is the Garza Theater?

It is a live drama play theater.

4. Why was the Garza Theater started?

 It started in 1916 as a Vaudeville silent move house, then went to black went to black and white sound movies then to the Technicolor movies. It was closed in 1955 and then was renovated in 1985 and the first play that was in the theater was in December of 1986 it started out as 5 plays a year and then went to 9 plays a year.

6. What is the strangest thing that has happened in the Garza Theater?

 The roomers that it has a ghost that lives in it.

7. Why do you like the Garza Theater?

 It is a fun place to be you get to meat new people, and see good plays and it is a good business for the town to attract people for other towns.

8. What would you like the world to know about the theater?

It is one of the historical buildings in town and it is a good place to come relax and see good family entertainment.

9. What was the saddest moment of the Garza Theater's history?

 When the man that came back and started the drama plays died 1991 his name was Will McCrary.

10. What was the happiest moment of the Garza Theater?

The happiest moments are when they have lots of people attending the plays.

11. Do you think that the Amphitheatre will have an affect on the Garza Theater?

 Do not think that it will have an affect on the Garza Theater because it will do one play "Ragtown" and that one only every performance.

12. Who all does the Garza Theater attract?

People of all ages and nationalities.

13. How many tourists does it get in a year?

Close to 10 thousand.

14. How is the Garza Theater important to the future of our community, in your opinion?

 It brings new people into town so they will bring in money all over the town.

15. What is being done to preserve the Garza Theater for future generations?

Taking care of the building keeping the building nice and having good plays.

16. Who benefits from the income for The Garza Theater?

 It goes back into maintaining the building and to the plays.

17. What do you think is the most important role of the Garza Theater to our community?

 Attracting people to our town.

18. Is there any thing else you think is important for people to know about The Garza Theater?

They train people to act and gives students and other people experience that would like to do this work. Most of their patrons come from the surrounding areas and there actors and directors are volunteers.

This man died and as legend has it he haunts the theatre.

This is the entrance to the Garza Theatre.

This picture was painted by Juanetta Bocko, my mother.


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