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Lake Alan Henry

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    Lake Alan Henry was  built because of some concerns to the city of Lubbock.  The city of Lubbock will steadily increase as planned ,and they will need an extra water supply to quench Lubbock's thirst. However, I think it will be just as much of a good source for Garza county.  An application was granted and design work for the dam was completed in the 1980's and Construction for the lake began in the 1991. The lake construction was completed in 1993 and many visitors came from all over the State for its large mouth bass fishing and for its recreational areas. It is now one of the top lakes in Texas.


    Water is a big factor in our state. The Texas legislator says that the water issue is very critical. Many people think that it is not a big issue ,but we can't begin to stress how crucial this event is! Nobody will probably even think twice about our danger of our crisis, that's before they see a drought or the stream dries out. A statewide water use study in 2001 found that Texas will struggle to keep up with the water demand over the next 50 years as its population is predicted to double to about 40 million.

Fun Activities

    If your looking for some quality time with your family and friends, Lake Alan Henry has one of the best Large-mouth fishing area in Texas. Many people from all around the world go to either fish or have other activities. For instance, you can take a luxury ride on the many of miles of Lake Alan Henry, or can go fishing on the deepest parts of Lake Alan Henry. Many people can go tubing, jet skiing, and water skiing, maybe even just take a relaxing swim. Furthermore, I do know one thing Lake Alan Henry is enjoyed by family all around the world. Have you gone?



    My partner and I wanted to find out more about Lake Alan Henry, so we interviewed the director of the lake project, Randy Truesdell. Do to certain provisions we couldn't interview him by phone; so we interviewed him by Email. This is what he had to say about the lake!

1) Could you fill me in a little on your personal history with the project? For example, how you became involved, why the project was important to you and your major roles or duties with the project?  "In March of 2003, the City Council placed the operation of the Recreational Area and the Wildlife Mitigation Area under the Community Services Department. Prior to that time the operation feel under the Water Utilities Department. I am responsible for hiring staff and the maintenance of the Recreational Area and the Wildlife Mitigation Area."

2) What do you think the most important role of Lake Alan Henry is to our community?  "Future water resource."

3) Who all does Lake Alan Henry attract and why? About how many visitors does the lake get in a year?  "The lake attracts fishermen recreational boaters and skiers. Visitation to the Recreational Area is about 60,000 per year."

4) What is the most unique or unusual feature about Lake Alan Henry? "The water is very clear. The geographic area is unique. There are also a lot of archeological sites around the lake."

5) How did the City of Lubbock obtain the property for Lake Alan Henry? From whom?  "The City of Lubbock bought the property from land owners."

6) Were there any problems that came up with having the lake so far from Lubbock? How has Lubbock's ownership of the lake affected the relationship between the communities in Lubbock and Post?  "Due to the distance and elevation change, pumping water to Lubbock will require pump stations and large pipelines. Garza County has partnered with the City of Lubbock for security patrols and law enforcement at the lake."

7) Why did the City of Lubbock build the lake so far away from Lubbock, here in Post?  "Closest location of a dam with a good watershed."

8) What was the original purpose of Lake Alan Henry and has that purpose changed over the years?  "The original purpose and still is a future water resource."

9) What were some of the challenges of building a man-made lake in West Texas? "Sporadic rainfall and evaporation."

10) With the recent raise in prices, do you think less people will visit the lake?  "The increase in fees affected attendance in 2003, but we have seen the attendance increase in 2004."

11) What is being done to preserve Lake Alan Henry for future generations?  "Preservation of the archeological sites, pollution monitoring and prevention and maintenance of the lake area."

12) How is Lake Alan Henry important to the future of our community, in your opinion?  "People stop in Post to buy supplies and gas before going to the lake."

13) If the lake becomes used as a water source, will fishing and fun still be allowed on the lake?  "Yes, the lake will not be drawn down below a recreational level. It could however get very low due to evaporation and no rainfall."

14) What improvements, if any, are being planned for the lake?  "We have plans for restrooms, showers, camping areas, trails, entrance building, etc."

15) What is the single most common complaint from visitors to the lake?  "Lack of restroom facilities"

16) How does Lake Alan Henry benefit or profit our community?  "Sales of goods, motel rentals, restaurant sales and tax revenue."

17) What is the most attractive thing, in your opinion, about the lake?  "Natural beauty."

18) What do you see as the major challenges facing Lake Alan Henry both now and in the future? How do you see these challenges being overcome?  "Monitoring development around the lake. Enforcing codes to overcome development issues."

19) Is there anything else you think is important for people to know about Lake Alan Henry?  "It is becoming one of the best bass fishing lakes in Texas."

20) Are there any books or publications about the building of Lake Alan Henry that you would recommend?  "A Sam Whal, Recreational Master Plan can be found at the Mahon Library."

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